How to choose beautiful earrings that match each

How to choose beautiful earrings that match each

How to choose beautiful earrings suitable for each face is always given special attention by women, because since ancient times, earrings have become almost indispensable jewelry in women’s lockers. Luxury pearl earrings, with glittery ruby ​​stones or simple silver earrings … will enhance the femininity and elegance of a girl.
However, not all women know how to choose earrings that match their faces.

Do girls know the world has 6 common face types of women? Round, square, oval, heart, triangle, rectangle – each face shape has its own strengths and weaknesses, so the inventors have created a variety of earrings, variety and rich, to suit the characteristics and preferences of each subject. Today, please share with my sister
decided to choose the perfect pair of earrings in the article “How to choose beautiful earrings suitable for each face” together!
Common face types
There are 6 common face types common in women:

Oval face.
Round face.
Rectangular face.
Triangle face.
Inverted triangle face.
Face square.
Determining your face in any form will help your girlfriend choose the earrings that hide the defects of your face as well as your high and feminine features.
Choose beautiful earrings that match the oval face (oval)
This face easily selects earrings because it is suitable for all types of earrings, you just need to choose the color and style that suits your outfit, suitable style and personal image which you want to create.

To create a soft and peaceful body image, the oval or water drop earrings are best suited to you;

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