Luxurious sunglasses and mix of harmonious

Luxurious sunglasses and mix of harmonious

When admiring the summer street style photo of the famous fashionista, do you realize that sunglasses are always accessories that are never absent? It is no coincidence that this small item is so favored. Exceeding their practicality, sunglasses have been recognized as “nail” items that are capable of “upholding” every set, creating a focal point for the owner ‘s appearance. So what’s the 2017 summer glass trend interesting, including what kind of glasses and how ?

Transparent plastic rimmed glasses is one of the hot trends that Vietnamese youths tend to be the earliest in the summer of 2017. What makes the interesting of this type of glass is the combination of many opposite styles: little “nerd” but personality, close but young and modern.

It is inherently big and transparent, so this type of glass is suitable for many faces and it is also easy to coordinate, especially with the set of healthy and dynamic styles.
Almost every season we will see the return of at least one old and this summer, representing “nostalgia” that is cat eye glasses. 2 haughty high-angle glasses with outstanding color of this type of glass can turn the owner into a fashion star in one note.

Not only suitable with retro fashion style, cat eye glasses are also easy to combine with gentle and feminine set, adding mischief, interesting for your appearance.
In addition to the sunglasses version, fake cat eye glasses are also an interesting option when you want F5 to be a little bit intellectual and fashion for your face.

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